REDFIN WEALTH: for Investment and Financial Clarity

REDFIN WEALTH is an Independent Private Client Wealth Management Practice.

We focus on Investment, Retirement and Estate Planning solutions for Individuals, Trusts and Companies.

About Us

"Do not save what is left after spending
but spend what is left after saving."
Warren Buffet


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We have a client-first mind set guiding clients through their entire financial life – fulfilling their needs and expectations in a continually changing and complex global environment.

The business has been built on the concept of providing holistic, financial and investment solutions.  This is done through the process of creating a financial plan, which forms the framework for all future decision making.

Our Aspiration

"How you live tomorrow depends on how you invest today."

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Our Vision:  To create a long term partnership with our clients that provides security, confidence and peace of mind

Our Mission:  To provide our clients with sound financial advice which promotes rational decision making and a clearly defined financial path that leads to the achievement of their long-term financial goals, ethically, efficiently and professionally.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

"Financial Freedom is a mental, emotional and educational process."
Robert Kiyosaki


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Independent Advice – Our goal is to provide objective, independent recommendations and advice which are in the best interest of our clients.  Not being aligned to any financial services providers means we are able to provide you with unbiased and unrestricted advice.

At Redfin Wealth we strive to render our services honestly, fairly and with due skill, care and diligence.

Peace of Mind – By dealing with a qualified advisor our clients are able to rest easy knowing that the financial advice they receive is of an exceptionally high standard and that the advice given is accurate and of high integrity.   Our advice is backed by partnering with research analysis and thorough due diligence. Our focus is on your future success.

Client Focussed – We seek to understand our client’s financial needs and personal circumstances to ensure their Financial Plan is tailor made specifically for them.

Exceptional, Personal Service - Our office prides itself on exceptional service and strives to communicate with our clients timeously and efficiently.  We care about you and your family and take a personal interest in your lives.

Our professional and personalized approach ensures that we gain an in depth understanding of your financial objectives and apply these to your personal plan.

Long term relationships – We value and actively cultivate solid, long-term relationships with our clients founded on integrity, trust and honesty.

Compliance – We run a strict compliant practice ensuring all records are kept safe, secure and confidential at all time as required by the Financial Services Board.   Your privacy, as well as the security of any information shared is of paramount importance; this information is totally confidential and stored safely off-site in a cloud.

Our qualifications and experience – Our clients know that they are dealing with compliant, competent, ethical and qualified Certified Financial Planners (CFP®).

Fees – have a major impact on financial outcomes and we are therefore fee sensitive.

Our Professional Membership

"Time is valuable, make it count."


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Cedric Wilmans is a qualified Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) (an NQF Level 7).  This designation is the highest qualification one can achieve in Financial Planning and is equivalent to an honours degree.  This qualification is internationally recognized as the benchmark for professional advice and holders of this designation have met stringent qualification and competency requirements.  Cedric is proud to abide by unequivocal ethical standards which means you can have peace of mind regarding both the technical accuracy of the advice given and the integrity that underpins it.

Cedric is a member of The Financial Planning Institute of South Africa (FPI).  The FPI is the leading independent professional body for financial planners in South Africa.  They are a non-profit professional body and founding member of the international Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd (FPSB).  They exist to improve the level of professionalism and positively influence the quality of advice delivered by their members.

All designated financial planning professionals must complete 35 hours of continuous professional development every year to stay current in financial planning knowledge, including ethics.

With the above qualifications our clients can be rest assured of the financial advice we provide and that it is both accurate and of integrity.


"Never follow the crowd."
Sir John Templeton


redfin wealth compliance

We are an Authorized Financial Services Provider with the Financial Services Board and we fully support the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37 of 2002 (FAIS).  Our licence number is 4674.

Patricia Reed of L Pardy & Associates (Pty) Ltd provides us with compliance and practice management services.  The compliance ensures the business remains fully compliant with FAIS Legislative requirements and through the Practice Management support we are able to a run a professional and ethical business.

In accordance with legislation, we keep an updated Conflicts of Interest Policy.  This disclosure document ensures transparency in our dealings with our clients and informs our client of all financial and ownership interests that we may become entitled to and lists the business relationships that we have with our product suppliers.

We also subscribe to Treating Clients Fairly Principals (Values, code of conduct and ethics).

“An investor’s worst enemy is not the stock market but his own emotions”